Core Values

Creativity & Innovation

Distinctive Quality

A top class performance, highly sensitive to the time frame and a focus on continuous improvement.

Team work

A perfect blend of individual energies, deep respect for individual esteem, interdependence and a willingness to subdue individual agenda to the team’s agenda.


Honesty and integrity in all spheres of our activity resulting into a transparent and open culture of work with complete accountability in execution of tasks.

Positive attitude

Positive energies channelized for committed performance for the present and the future.

The safety of the people shall be the highest law

the standards we pursue

  • The Employer’s roles and responsibilities on a health and safety aspect side are vast and detailed and are required by law in order to comply with government regulations and legislation. One of the main duties of the employer is to ensure a safe environment for all employees; this includes providing safe systems of work, safe handling, storage, training and supervision and we ensure that all these duties are well maintained by us.

    Our company being situated at North-Eastern part of India does fall under the accident prone zone. But proper safety for onsite workers are provided to avoid any hazards by making sure that Scaffolds used are sound, rigid and sufficient to carry its own weight plus four times the maximum intended load without settling or displacement, safety net systems for fall protection, head protection and other construction safety gears are used.

    Our offsite employees are also provided with the best working environments. We believe in joining hands to reach a better outcome. Hence, new ideas and thoughts are always accepted by our management from the employees. Their safety is also taken care of by incorporating fire alarms, extinguishers.

    From the top down, our leadership recognizes the importance of safety and is committed to returning workers home to their loved ones each and every day. Best medical facilities are provided for every employee.

    Our motto is “Safety measures everyday keep the injuries away”


We have completed


IFCA Laboratories , Jorethang, Sikkim
S M I M S, Tadong, Sikkim
Zydus Health Care , Bageykhola, Sikkim
Sun Pharma, Sikkim
Sun Health Care , Dhanbad
Intas Pharmaceuticals, Bageykhola, Sikkim


Swachh Bharat


Make In India


Corporate Social Responsibility